This is a short documentary about the power of the drum when played in community. It was shot during the Tribute To Baba Olatunji weekend retreat at Rowe Conference Center in Massachusetts in May, 2013. Jimi & Morwen Two Feathers organized and led the festivities and were joined by Arthur Hull and Bob Bloom. All of them were close friends and had played with Baba over the years. This video is more of a general view of the benefits of community drumming. Grab a drum and be inspired!


Earth Drum Council at the Mythic Arts Festival. An excellent riff
that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Fresh from EartHeart Studios


Baba Olatunji and the dancers and drummers from our class
perform Fanga at Omega Institute in August of 1993


Citizen Journalists Malaysia interviewed Arthur Hull, the father of modern drum circle facilitation at his recent 2013 International Training Tour in Singapore. He emphasized on rhythm and music for personal, community and world peace. In the interview he touched on the Drumstrong organization that he is passionate about. This organization initiates events to raise awareness and funds for cancer organizations globally through family friendly rhythm gatherings


This is an excerpt of a drum circle held at the Remo Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood that closed the Village Music Circles Arthur Hull training called a "Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop". In the circle look for great drummers and drum circle facilitator's like Rowan Storm, Mike Tempo from the Bonedaddy's, Janet Planet, Arthur Hull, Cameron Tummell, Ju LIneras, Mary Tolena, Bruce Fox, Chris Ramirez, Alex Spurkel, and John Fitzgerald. Participants include drummers, musicians, music therapists, and people with no experience at all who all love drumming. We held our great friend and partner in drumming... the wonderful Morwen Two Feathers... in our hearts as we drummed to help her heal from the brain surgery she had just a few days before


Earth Beat Concert: Power of One. (Tape 2 of 2) with Earth Beat Drum Ensemble and Special Guest Sanga Of-The-Valley (John Ward, Rosemarie Ceraso, Olympia Ward, Rip Peterson, Jerry Ramos, Gus Brown, Alice Weiting, Judy Stern). Grand Finale with all performers including Layne Redmond and Tommy Bruenes, Young Blood Singers, David Washington


Masonic Temple, Concord, MA August 28, 2010 • Fanga Alafia - A song Jimi Two Feathers plays every day


Rhythm for Life: Bongo Barry Bernstein and Randy Crafton



Bright Hawk and Morwen Two Feathers drum opening
for Magic Sunset Storytime at New York Faerie Festival 2012