Here are some things it will be helpful to know. The purpose of these guidelines is to support us in co-creating a safe, magical experience for everyone.

• At the gateway to the Fire Circle, a greeter will offer to smudge you, a purification rite. You may accept or decline. Either way, you are invited to ground and center and be aware that as you step through the gate, Sacred Space welcomes you.

• The area within the torches is the Sacred Circle. Please be aware that there is work taking place there, and take casual conversation and other distractions outside the circle.

• The Sacred Fire receives material for transformation. If you feed the fire, please do so with intention. Please check with the fire tender before placing anything in the fire. No trash in the fire, please.

• Please do not bring alcohol or other substances inside the circle. If you smoke, please use the designated smoking areas, and be aware of the wind direction and the breathing drummers and dancers.

• There are offerings on the food altar from which you may feed yourself and others. Everyone is encouraged to make contributions to this altar.

• There is an area to the side of the fire for giving and receiving healing energy. If you are in need or wish to offer healing, sit there.

• Please ask before using someone else’s drums or instruments. Please remove rings and other hand/arm jewelry before playing as they can damage the skins.

• The flow of energy moves faster the closer you are to the fire. If you need to be still, please move to the outer edge of the circle. Please don’t stand between the drummers and the fire.

• All participants at the Fire Circle are empowered to offer water to the drummers and dancers, smudge at the gate, feed wood to the fire, and otherwise care for the space and each other. If you want to learn how, just ask.

• Listen, listen, watch and listen. Have fun, play to your heart’s content, and remember that you are in a circle of community around the Fire.

• Be aware of how the pulse continues even in the sacred Silence.


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