November 8–10, 2019

Join Jimi Two Feathers and Hilary Lake in a weekend retreat focused on gender reconciliation through council and embodiment practices. 

You are invited to share your experience of the dualism that our culture creates through gender within a circle format in which both men and women will have the chance to be heard and to listen. Hilary will guide movement experiences in the mornings and evenings to support our grounding and nourishing integration together. We gladly welcome people of all genders to join us to share their experience beyond the gender binary recognizing that we have all been formed by our society’s dualistic view of gender, and we all have wisdom to offer for our collective awakening through coming back together.

It will be held at the beautiful Packard Manse with plenty of grounds to walk on and explore.

We invite you to come to share your wisdom in circle and in movement.


Council toolsWHEN: Second weekend, November 8–10

WHERE: The Packard Manse  

FOOD: Simple vegetarian prepared by our cook.

  •     snacks: fruit, crackers, nut butters
  •     soups, protein, and teas for most meals 
  •     local vegetables 

There will be an area for people to bring other prepared foods to supplement your nutritional needs. However the Kitchen cannot accommodate individuals cooking.

WHAT TO BRING: A pillow and blankets, a comfortable cushion, a small object to keep your place in circle if you have take a break.


Friday 5.30pm-7.30pm Arrival - snacks
Nov. 8 8pm-9.30pm Orientation
9.30 pm on Evening Rest & Connection
Saturday 8am-8.45am Meditation & Movement Practice
Nov. 9 9am-9.45am Breakfast
10am-1pm First Council (Fish Bowl)
1pm-2pm Break & Lunch
2pm-5pm Second Council Practice (Fish Bowl)
5pm-6pm Movement Integration or walk
6.30pm-7.30pm Dinner
7.30m on Evening Rest and quiet time
Sunday 8am-8.45am Meditation & Movement Practice
Nov. 10 9am-10am Breakfast
10am-1pm Third Council Practice (one circle) & Closing
1.30pm Lunch

 image by Shara Meltzer

SCHOLARSHIPS: Here is how it works. Any funds that come in above the bottom reg fee of $210.00 goes into the scholarship fund. When someone registers and asks for a scholarship depending on the funds they could get a partial scholarship of up to a third of their registration covered depending on the strength of the fund. So please consider giving when you register.

Registration is closed.

Call or text 978.985.7421 for more info.



 Hilary Lake   Jimi Two Feathers

Hilary Lake is an expressive arts community minister who spans her ministry across diverse communities by bringing her embodied awareness and expression into relationship with the land and all who she meets.

Hilary has always been contemplating spirituality, studying religion, dancing and singing, having studied many forms, from classical to improvisational throughout her life. She graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv in Buddhist Ministry and has spent time studying Buddhism, sustainable development and dance in Thailand, India and Nepal.

She has been trained and certified in Somatic Body, JourneyDance and Infinity Healing Practice as well as Walking in Balance, an indigenous council practice.

Hilary helped found the Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives in Boston and lived and worked in community in cooperatives and retreat centers for over a decade. She offers InBody Guidance sessions as well as Moving in Grace, a mindful embodiment practice in workshops and retreats in diverse communities with a commitment to cultivating a culture of welcome, inclusion, reconciliation and resilience for All.

For more information about Hilary and Moving in Grace:

Jimi has done Racial Justice/Activism work since 1970 with movements, nonprofits, municipal departments, schools and more. More recently...

2001 and 2002—The Harvest Gatherings, sponsored by Spirit of Change Magazine, dealing with Native issues and cultural appropriation.

Fall 2011 to Spring  2012—embedded in the Occupy Boston Movement to observe the structures of sexism, class, and racism created in the movement. Was an active member of the POC workgroup. Worked with Occupy Boston and area activists to do a power analysis of Occupy Boston.

Joined the Community of Change (CCI) Board of Directors in 2000 and  co-chaired the board from 2003 to 2017.

2016 and 2017—Dance New England Summer Camp Racial Justice workshops and councils with Aron DeBacco.

January 2018—Joined the BOD of Dance New England.

2018—The JP Co-Housing Community as a co-facilitator with Aron DeBacco using council process to help resolve issues around race.

November 2018—Attended The Parliament of World Religions in Toronto, Canada.

Spring/Summer 2018—Put together a series of Brother/Sister Councils with Hilary Lake.