Friends and Collaborators of Earth Drum Council

Web Link Alice Heller Dance Classes

West African dance classes to live drumming

Web Link Arthur Hull

The grandfather of the community drum circle movement

Web Link Bamidele Dancers & Drummers

Music of the African diaspora in Western MA

Web Link Bardo Brothers

A collective of Misfit Minstrels and Barroom Bards

Web Link Bob Bloom

Old friend and drum circle facilitator extraordinaire

Web Link Bright Hawk

Friend for many years. Djembe player and hang drum extraordinaire.
Web Link Cornell Coley

Arts & Diversity Educator, Therapeutic Drummer, Drum Circle Facilitator and Bandleader

Web Link Dave Curry

Drums For One And All is the name that Dave Drumhead Curry uses for all his hand drumming-related activities.

Web Link DiversiTree

The Divinely Inspired Publication for Inclusive Spirituality
inspired through EDC friend Hollis Taylor

Web Link Drum Connection of Arlington, MA

Owned by local master drummer Alan Tauber. A complete drum shop and school of African drumming classes

Web Link EarthSpirit

Organizers of Rites of Spring and other gatherings

Web Link HangOut USA

Supporting the natural evolution of excellence within the art form of Steel that Sings

Web Link Mz imani

Ceremonial Musician, Sacred Activist & Shamanic Healer

Web Link Odaiko New England

A Boston area taiko drumming troupe

Web Link Otha Day

Drum To The Beat – Drum Circles with a Heartbeat

Web Link Randy Crafton

Kaleidoscope Sound

Web Link Rites of Spring

Celebration of the Earth's sacred nature.

Web Link Rob Wandell - Imagicka

The very best metaphysical, alternative, spiritual, fun shop in the country!

Web Link Roots To Rhythm

With Toni Kellar

Web Link Spark Collective

An inclusive community dedicated to creating sacred fire circles.