Austrian composer and percussionist Reinhard Flatischler developed the Ta Ke Ti Na process, a completely new way of learning and understanding music, in 1970. The principles and working methods of the Ta Ke Ti Na process were developed for more than ten years out of research groups with participants from all backgrounds. Because of its broad approach, Ta Ke Ti Na is used in a variety of different fields including music schools and conservatories, prisons, theater schools and in the treatment of intense pain.

Learning rhythm and music with the Ta Ke Ti Na process always means learning for life, too. Everything that hinders us to live a fulfilled life is reflected in the circle as rhythmic disability and can be transformed by the rhythmic evolution that unfolds in the Ta Ke Ti Na process. Emotion and rational thought, intuitive feeling and cognitive action, passivity and activity, outer movements and inner silence begin to integrate. The mind becomes silent and the core being is allowed to surface.

Ta Ke Ti Na works equally for professional drummers or for total beginners. It is a radically new vision of rhythm, that infuses existing knowledge with new approaches to create an inexhaustible source for learning drums or other instruments, arranging and composing music. Through Ta Ke Ti Na, the student gains direct access to the rhythmic worlds of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This in turn leads to increased competence and creativity in the related rhythms of classical music, jazz, and hip-hop.

Taketina relies on repetitive, body-based rather than ideas. The profound and ecstatic experience comes when the individual ego-self dissolves into the rhythm carried by the group.

Morwen was the East Coast U.S. organizer for Reinhard Flatischler’s Taketina Rhythm Method from 1998 — 2005, bringing Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler to Boston for workshops and performances once or twice annually. She continues to practice Taketina on a regular basis, and to support the development of the Taketina field.

In the Boston area, advanced Taketina teacher Elaine Fong offers Taketina ranging from 2 – hour sessions to multi-day intensive workshops. For more details, please go to her website Rhythms in Life.


The following are descriptions from previous workshops to give you a sense of Reinhard's method.

The Power of Simultaneity

2002 March Workshop •  Cambridge, MA

Simultaneity – right away the word evokes stress: the teapot whistles, the telephone rings and someone knocks at the door. What shall we do first? How shall we respond? In the modern world, "simultaneity" calls up a whole range of stressful images, from "multi-tasking" at work, to the awareness of the variety of ways in which people live throughout the world, the multiplicity of beliefs and vast disparities in standards of living that result in violence because of people’s limited tolerance for simultaneity.

The Ta Ke Ti Na process is a path that empowers people to experience and internalize this state of mind. In Ta Ke Ti Na, the simultaneity of several different rhythms anchored in body movements opens our awareness to new horizons. "Antennae" we don’t know we have are "turned on". We can receive and send simultaneously, different or even opposing viewpoints can be held concurrently. It is a state of ultimate inner silence that is equally empty and full. A place where movement and stillness melt into one, a sensation in which there is no separation between inside and outside.

A Zen master reaches this place in deep meditation, a musician whenever music leads him into ecstasy. Are we able to constantly live in this state? Probably not! But every time we visit this place a mighty resonance sounds into our daily lives.

For several thousand years rhythm has been a key to opening this state. But rituals of ancient traditions and knowledge of remote cultures cannot simply be imported into the civilized western world. The Ta Ke Ti Na process builds a modern path with archetypal building blocks, designed to take you to this inner place. This workshop is focused to stimulate vitality, self-trust and clearness of perception in the participants. It will lead you into a place of inner silence that will resonate into your daily life. Breathing exercises and energy work will supplement and prepare the rhythm journeys.

Ta Ke Ti Na invites us to listen to the pulse of life. And every time we do this, we create a counterpoint to the life-despising violence that holds a big part of our world in a tight grip. Like a radio wave, we send a signal by doing this - a signal that could decide how we are writing the present history of humankind.


Rhythm for Evolution:
Inside the TA KE TI NA Process

2005 Workshop

The Ta Ke Ti Na process is based on "Rhythm Archetypes"-- an inner understanding of rhythmic laws and universal images passed down through all time. These archetypes have been uncovered by every culture on earth. Now, for the first time, these laws have been synthesized into a coherent learning process that enables everyone to access his or her own rhythmic ability for musical creativity and inner growth. This can free and renew our concepts about learning.

To bring this knowledge to life, nothing is better suited to the task than our own bodies. Learning through the body is direct and requires no technical skills. The way we "move" through this process gives us a lot of information about ourselves. Rhythm becomes a mirror for us to heal and transform, and teaches us how to access our true nature.

The workshop focuses on looking at some of the keys that make "evolution" or transformation possible in a TaKeTiNa rhythm circle. Individuals can learn at their own pace in a nurturing environment.

This is also the introductory workshop for those individuals considering the next three-year TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher Training in the US. All are welcome, whether applying for the training or not.


Rhythm as a Gateway
to Inner Evolution and Healing

2016 October Workshop with Cornelia Jecklin assisted by Elaine Fong • Concord, MA

Rhythm is the essential expression, matrix and link to the primal movement of this universe. It holds wisdom and beauty. It becomes the dance of unity as we surrender to it with love, honesty and clear spirit. Rhythm can lead and guide us directly into the experience of deep connection to our pure Being, and a deeper understanding of what life offers us to explore.

In this workshop you moved forward in deepening your experience of trust and being at home in yourself. You felt safe to embrace who you are, and surrender to your life “dance” as life dances you. We experienced how you can move beyond limiting life patterns, taking them to your heart and exploring new ways of dancing your life.

This workshop offered a playful yet deep process. TaKeTiNa journeys, shamanic drum journeys, energy work and contemplation guide you into your inner journey of evolution and healing.

Cornelia Jecklin

Cornelia Jecklin, Co-developer of the Taketina Rhythm Process, has been offering workshops and teaching in the U.S since 1998. For 30 years, Cornelia has used rhythm, movement and energy work as well as chanting and meditation to accompany individuals and groups as they more deeply explore their inner experience. We are excited to continually work with Cornelia. To learn more about Cornelia’s projects and rhythm activities visit her website at: www.rhythm-gate.com