Rhythm as a Gateway
to Inner Evolution and Healing

A three-day workshop with Cornelia Jecklin assisted by Elaine Fong on the surdo drum / Concord Masonic Temple (Concord, MA) October 28, 29 & 30, 2016

Rhythm is the essential expression, matrix and link to the primal movement of this universe. It holds wisdom and beauty. It becomes the dance of unity as we surrender to it with love, honesty and clear spirit. Rhythm can lead and guide us directly into the experience of deep connection to our pure Being, and a deeper understanding of what life offers us to explore.

In this workshop you can move forward in deepening your experience of trust and being at home in yourself. You can feel safe to embrace who you are, and surrender to your life “dance” as life dances you. Experience how you can move beyond limiting life patterns, taking them to your heart and exploring new ways of dancing your life.

This workshop offers a playful yet deep process. TaKeTiNa journeys, shamanic drum journeys, energy work and contemplation guide you into your inner journey of evolution and healing.


Cornelia JecklinCornelia Jecklin, Co-developer of the Taketina Rhythm Process, has been offering workshops and teaching in the U.S since 1998. For 30 years, Cornelia has used rhythm, movement and energy work as well as chanting and meditation to accompany individuals and groups as they more deeply explore their inner experience. We are excited to be working with Cornelia again. To learn more about Cornelia’s projects and rhythm activities visit her website at:


COST of the Three-day Workshop:

(Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
$295 early birds, until October 11th
$325 October 12 – 26
Walk-ins: $360

The three-day workshop is highly recommended for optimal experiential effectiveness. There are, however, a limited number of two-day registrations (Saturday and Sunday) available for the early bird price of $220 (until October 11th) and $250 (until October 12 – 26)

To register for the workshop, please click on this link 

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